April Mills


·Neuromuscular Therapy

·Deep Tissue Massage

·Reiki Energy Healing

·Swedish Massage

·Prenatal Massage

·Hot Stone Therapy

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April Mills is an intuitive, nurturing, and passionate massage therapist that believes in the power of healing arts and regular self-care.

“When you heal your mind, your body follows and I help people heal their minds and bodies through mental and physical therapeutic practices.”

She graduated from The Academy of Health Care Professions in Houston, Texas and has been a licensed, certified massage therapist for eight years in Texas, Arkansas, and Georgia (active).

When scheduling a therapy session with April, expect your experience to be unique, detailed, and soothing. April believes that massages don't have to hurt to be effective. Her intuitive touch helps you release the tension in your body, while giving your mind and spirit the rest, reset, rejuvenation it needs.  

“In addition to taking care of our bodies, I believe we should take care of our minds. Some of the therapeutic practices I use for my own mental release and relaxation is "The Emotion Code, Reiki, Yoga, God & Me time Meditation". It is important we include different practices in our self-healing journeys.  

Self-care is essential for living a healthy, stress free lifestyle. We all deserve happiness and a sound mind. And I know from personal experience how beneficial regularly scheduled massages can be. So if you are ready to renew your mind and heal your body, book an appointment with me today!”