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Meet Our Clients


It’s been almost 3 weeks since I saw Sandi, and it has been the best 3 weeks I have felt in far too long. Before I saw her some days were better than others, but the majority of those days were filled with chronic pain. The pain is now at such a tolerable level to the point where I hardly even think about it. I cannot tell you how grateful I am.

Dylan H.


I have been a very happy client of Body-N-Balance for over 15 years! Every single person who works at Body-N-Balance is a true professional. Excellence abounds. I LOVE all the services they offer. My experiences throughout the years has been nothing short of excellent! Body-N-Balance is THE BEST in the BUSINESS!!

Helena K.


My most recent experience at Body-N-Balance in a word - MIRACLE! Through a series of late night texts with staff members, I was able to receive instantaneous relief from severe Cervicalgia the next morning. Six sessions later I had complete mobility in my neck and shoulder which allowed me to sleep through the night, a rarity for me. Haven't felt this good in years!

Brian R.


Sandi and her team provide wonderful care and service. I would not have made it through my pregnancy without their help to keep my body aligned and strong. Whether you need care for an injury or routine maintenance to keep your body in check, this is the place to go!

Sarah P.