Train with The Experts

In 2000, Sandi Ecclestone, owner of Body-N-Balance, was one of the first to bring the Gyrotonic Expansion System® method to Georgia.

Modified To Suit Your Goals

Our therapists create a fully adjustable program to meet the needs of every body type, regardless of age or fitness level.

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The system has therapeutic applications for shoulder injuries, hip replacements, strokes, breast cancer, surgeries, pregnancy, menopause, aging, low back discomfort, chronic pain, neck and shoulder tension.

For those who simply want to get a balanced workout, enjoy increased strength, flexibility, mobility, and strength through Gyrotonic® training.

The system is also beneficial for athletes, dancers, yogis, golfers, and tennis players and any athlete looking for comprehensive sports training.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Gyrotonic® Expansion System?

This system consists of both Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® exercises.

The Gyrokinesis® method teaches the fundamental movements and principles of the system without the use of machines. These fundamentals prepare clients to get the most out of their Gyrotonic® sessions, which use machines to facilitate movements.

Both forms of exercise emphasize alignment, placement of the body, and focuses on the quality and precision of movement.

How does Gyrotonic® differ from other exercise methods?

The human body is designed to move and rotate in all directions, not solely in straight lines. Most conventional exercises employ linear and isolated movement patterns, which creates uncoordinated strength.

In contrast, the Gyrotonic Expansion System® method promotes multiple joint articulations, creating coordinated strength and flexibility without joint compression. This is a powerful, one of a kind system based on three dimensional, circular, twisting, and bending motions that allow for total freedom of movement in every conceivable range. Movements are initiated from the core and translated to the extremities, bringing awareness and strength to the spine and increasing mobility to the entire body.

What will the Gyrotonic Expansion System® do for me?

The result is a superior and well-proportioned body that is significantly less prone to injuries. Breath facilitates the coordinated movement of the pelvis, spine, abdominals, and ribcage. As these processes come together, they enhance postural integrity and bring balance and support to the skeletal system. Additionally, stiffness associated with back, neck, and shoulder pain is released while stress is reduced and flexibility, strength and coordination are improved.


60 Minute GYROTONIC® Private Session: $70

30 Minute GYROTONIC® Private Session: $40