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Retrain your body to move more efficiently

Strengthen your core muscles

Increase your flexibility

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Our Philosophy

Our instructors teach the classical Pilates method with unique and focused training techniques tailored to your personal fitness goals.

Whether you are recovering from an injury, beginning a new fitness routine, or looking to improve your athletic performance, we will help you define your core and sculpt your muscles while improving posture, flexibility and mind-body connection.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Pilates different from other exercise methods?

Traditional methods of exercise focus on isolating one muscle group, causing weak muscles to get weaker and strong muscles to get stronger. This results in muscular imbalances that can lead to injury.

In contrast, pilates is a total body workout utilizing multiple muscle groups simultaneously, creating a symmetrical workout that integrates the upper and lower body with the core.

The result is a balanced, strong, lean, and flexible body that is less prone to injury.


55 Minute Pilates Private Session: $70

Private Fitness Package, 11 Sessions: $700 (savings of $70)

55 Minute Pilates Duet Session: $45/person

55 Minute Pilates Trio or Quartet Session: $35/person